Main Session ¥5000
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Design Force Exhibition
  • Works Exhibition
  • Industry Report
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Handbook
  • Presents from Sponsors
Parallel Sessions  ¥1500/session
  • Workshop
  • Summit Speech
  • Design Trip
(without double discount)
VIP honor package (38,000 RMB). Contact customer service for registration.
  • Session
  • 原价 Origin Price
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  • Package Price
  • 主会场
  • -
  • ¥5000
  • ¥4000
  • 主会场+1分会场
  • -
  • ¥6500
  • ¥5200
  • 主会场+2分会场
  • -
  • ¥8000
  • ¥6400
  • 主会场+3分会场
  • -
  • ¥9500
  • ¥7600
  • 主会场+4分会场
  • -
  • ¥11000
  • ¥8800
  • 主会场+5分会场
  • -
  • ¥12500
  • ¥10000
In order to register for the conference more smoothly, please read the following information.
Q1: What are the registration and course selection channels for the conference? A1:The IXDC official website is the only access for registration and course selection. Q2:Are meals and accommodation included in the registration fee include? A2:Not included. Please pay for your own transportation, accommodation and meals. The organizing committee will provide some negotiated hotels and dining guidelines for participants' reference and reservations. Q3:Should the lunch and dinner mentioned in the schedule be purchased separately? A3:Yes, the luncheon/dinner is a high-end social link, please contact customer service for entry. Q4:Can I get a refund after I have paid for my registration? A4:No refund is allowed after you have obtained the rights and interests of the event. If you do not enjoy the rights and interests of the conference, no refund fee will be charged if you apply for refund within 15 natural days after payment. More than 15 natural days, less than 30 days before the start of the convention, 50% of the ticket refund fee. A refund fee of 80% of the ticket price will be charged 30 days after the start date of the convention. All refund procedures will be processed within 30 days after the conference. Q5:What are the benefits and conditions for student registration? A5:Full-time regular college students (college, undergraduate, postgraduate) can enjoy student discounts. Before registering and paying, students need to fill in the "Student Registration Certificate" and upload a copy of their student ID and ID card (scanned copy) so that the organizing committee can verify their identity. If false information is found, the registration will be invalid, the registration fee will not be refunded, and the qualification for participation will be cancelled. The organizing committee will reserve the right to pursue accountability
Q1:Can you issue electronic invoices? A1:Of course we can. Q2:What types of invoices can be issued? A2:The types of invoices that can be issued are: VAT general invoice, VAT special invoice. Please fill in the correct invoicing information when registering. Attendees shall be responsible if invoice is incorrect due to incorrect information provided by the participants. Q3:Can the invoice be invoiced before payment? A3:If you need to get the invoice first, you must sign the participation contract and complete the payment within 10 working days, otherwise the registration order will not be reserved.
Q1:Can I choose the workshop, summit presentation and design tour at the same time? A1:No. Only one of the simultaneous sessions can be selected to participate at the same time . In order to maintain a better learning order, crossing between venues is not allowed. Q2:Is there a limit on the number of people per session? Is there a time limit for course selection? A2:Course selection is expected to open in Jun 2023. Due to the actual situation, there is a quota limit for each session, first choose first served. Once a course is fully booked, it will be closed for selection and no additional courses will be added. Q3:Can I change my course after I have chosen it? A3:No. Once a course order is submitted, a participant ID is generated and no course changes will be made.
Q1:Can I share a participant pass with another person? A1:No. When entering, sign in with your ID and phone number. Q2:How do I collect my tickets after registration is successful? A2:The ticket is a participant pass.You can redeem your attendee pass with your ID card and phone number at the conference site. Q3:Apart from workshops, summit presentations, keynote speeches and design tours, what other events are available? A3:Please refer to the schedule page of the conference official website to view the full official schedule of the conference. Q4:Will the presenter's courseware be provided after attending the conference? A4:The intellectual property rights of the presenter's courseware belong to the presenters and the team companies, and can be used by attendees with the permission of the presenter. Please note that the courseware will not be made available without the permission of the presenter.
The final interpretation right belongs to the Organizing Committee of the International Experience Design Conference.
Explanation of studying coupons

1.After you finish the payment, the coupon will be sent to your account automatically. You can check your coupon in 在“个人中心”-“我的优惠” when you login in

2. You can use the coupon to buy all IXDC courses in Meia Online Education Platform.

3.The period of validity of the coupon is from the day you get it until Jul.25th,2018. It will be invalid when it's expired.

4. The coupon can't be cashed.

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