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腾讯ISUX设计趋势报告 · 用户体验篇(2019-2020)下篇

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There are more and more people who "know that it's too late but do not sleep at night", and they have more fragmentation and leisure time to consume content, so the app design needs to be more immersive.

屏幕尺寸越来越大影响着用户日常操作的方便性。界面的设计如何能提升大屏手机的操作效率和使用体验?三星的One UI让手机屏幕分成两个区域,上面的区域用于查看内容,下面的区域用于交互操作。

The increasing size of the screen affects the convenience of the user's daily operations. How can the interface design improve the operating efficiency and experience of large-screen mobile phones? Samsung's One UI divides the phone display screen into two areas: the upper area for viewing content and the lower area for interactions.


In order to facilitate page level switching, a gesture of a sliding exit is added.


The operations and content on the screen change according to the user’s actions, making it easier for users to notice the completed operation and prompting for the next step. The information is presented when the user needs it, reducing the user's cognitive load.


More flexible and continuous page transition effects can help users better to remember product routes during page jumps, while providing a more comfortable experience. The conversion between pages is no longer only a simple four directions of entry or pull, but a flexible conversion process related to the content form. A consistent operation experience will be obtained when the user performs a directed operation on the page through gestures.


In order to serve the content better, we saw many products removed from the design of the "color block" at the top area. To bring users to a more immersive experience all "hard" segmentations will no longer be popular. Among them, the white and black full-screen background color can highlight the differentiation of the product content itself, rather than the difference in page performance.


At the end of April, Facebook introduced a new simpler and more immersive "FB5" design style. In addition to removing the heavy top blue block design, the newly added "dark mode" will appear first in the video watching module, which will better serve the watching of video content.


The "dark mode" will appear in more app design. While the “immersion” of the user during browsing the content, the APP can help the user to turn on the “dark mode” at night, serving the user in the dark environment at night, and reducing the visual fatigue of the screen.


The Post-00s likes multiple interactive experiences, and the content+interaction gives new possibilities for content. The interactive video allows users to increase their sense of participation and get a personalized game experience, moreover making the content more entertaining and a dose of novelty.


Movies, games, and online dramas have all launched interactive works, and users have taken the initiative to participate in the selection from the third perspective to the first perspective, and these works are becoming highly personalized content. Interactive videos not only guarantee the quality of the story content, but also guarantee the interactive experience. The interaction of the content must be meaningful and affect the development of the story. This kind of interaction is effective and can touch the user's emotions.


The Post-00s does not like to watch TV, but mainly use smart phones to get goods and services. Mobile payment changes the user's payment habits, and users are willing to pay for the content that they are interested in. 


The content-based E-commerce provides users with a more information-rich and entertaining experience that allows users to shop while they consume contents.


Young Internet users are growing up in a fast-growing technology and cultural environment. Naturally, these users have made a higher aesthetic pursuit of these products. In recent years, the “small and beautiful” design with a self-personality has also made it easier to impress users.



From the new icon design of Office 365, we can see more abstract and symbolic icon representation. Reduce the proportion of concretization (text areas) on the icon, and use more abstract shapes to express the meaning of the icon. The icon evolves in a more concise and geometric direction, while using rich color and texture changes to satisfy the icon's recognition.

In addition, the design of the icon is more about the efficiency of the adaptation. Office uses resources in the SVG format to accommodate application extensions on different platforms.


With the advancement of performance techniques, such as the use of 3D elements, and the development of animation implementation technology, the performance of the response animation will be more delicate. The laws of motion that mimic nature will also become more popular, such as "arc motion", "light perception", "particle performance", and "three-dimensional space", etc., which will also enhance the design performance of products.


For the controllers in the interface, the design of the controllers will be closer to the real physical rules. Designers can give them a more realistic feel by expressing the controllers via animation performance.


Interesting response animation can also give users a more enjoyable and intimate feeling, while the more "human taste" in the animation is the key to providing a pleasant experience. We can feel the emotions and the character conveyed by the icons.


The most intuitive feeling brought about by the improvement of aesthetics is the progress pursued by the graphics itself. Therefore, in the interface illustration, the pursuit of visual art is more important. Users are tired of the same geometric figures or simple linear icons, and a more personalized character performance and painting techniques will be more popular with young people.


There are more and more Easter eggs become popular in movies, a small Easter egg can bring users a sense of surprise and ritual. Some exciting designs can be provided to users while meeting user requirements and creating a user experience.


Google search added the Easter eggs of the Thanos in the "Avengers: Endgame". Click the Infinity Gauntlet button then the search results will randomly "disappear" half.


Google Maps launched a "Snake" Easter egg game for April Fool's Day, which allows the snake (metro or bus) to become longer via eat the targets on different maps.

Google  Chrome 的生日埋了个小彩蛋,在 Dino Game 中加入了派对元素:当小恐龙吃蛋糕后即可戴上生日帽。

Google set up a small Easter egg for Chrome's birthday and added a party element to the Dino Game: the little dinosaur will wear a birthday hat after it ate the cake.




In 2019, we can see the huge impact of technology on design and experience. The book "The innovator's dilemma" describes that "every technology from slow to fast to the bottleneck, another subversive technology will quietly sprout and replace the previous technology." Therefore, some design trends will suddenly disappear due to being technology-driven, and may also disappear due to the subversion of technology. As a designer, we should to learn how to recognize changes and constants in design trends for innovation and design improvement.

Technology and products are ultimately returning to becoming people-oriented, so designers need to understand the requirements of the bottom of human nature, not only to focusing on the design inside the screen, but also to pay attention to the design outside the screen, and improving the design for people using products or services is the future trend.






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