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腾讯ISUX设计趋势报告 · 用户体验篇(2019-2020)上篇

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In this article, we will share the last part of design trends: “the UX design trend”.User experience is the feelings of users when using products, under the joint action of products, people and the environment. As technologies develop, and new products and services emerge in an endless stream, the behavior and psychology of consumers are constantly changing. We will analyze and summarize the user experience trends from four latitudes: technology, hardware, environment and users. In this changeable industry, we have to understand these trends when we are designing and improving new designs, and preparing for the upcoming future.


In order to better understand why there are these trends, we have summarized some signals from the objective conditions that influence the trend:


2019 is the first year of 5G


The latest research from Cisco shows that, nearly 12% of the world's mobile data traffic comes from 5G connections in 2022. The 5G extreme high rate makes the content recommendation more personalized and precise. The Internet of everything will bring more intelligent terminals and more subdivision scenarios, and AR will have more application scenarios.


The Post-00s entering 20 years old in 2019


Their characteristics are more diverse, and there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. They like to be more social and interactive, and content is a tool that motivates them to interact and invest more time and money in areas of interest.


AI technology accelerates landing and expands applications


In recent years, AI technology has been widely used in mobile internet. The research report of artificial smart phone indicates that the most commonly used AI functions of consumers are voice assistant, face unlocking, intelligent map, smart shooting and beautifying. The core application scenario technology surrounding by voice and vision will continue to be upgraded.


The differentiation of smart phones

全面屏的出现,让Face ID逐渐取代了Touch ID;各大手机厂商也试图在产品形态上创新,推出了折叠屏手机。

The emergence of the full screen, Face ID gradually replaced the Touch ID; major mobile phone manufacturers also tried to innovate in the form of products, launched a folding screen phone.


Internet products have switched from popularization to personalization, and more and more products are finding new chances via targeting segmentation. The design has changed from the experience of homogenization to a pursuit of personalization and innovation. Designers have to understand the target population that is completely different from their own, conduct segmentation user researches, and improve the product values by excellent user experience to retain users.


In the background of big data, there are multiple individual interests, and with the technical development of machine learning and artificial intelligence,  products should  focus more on personalized recommendations.

更懂你的信息流推送让用户不需要从一堆歌单中去寻找你喜欢听的歌曲,豆瓣的音乐地图和GoogleFor you让你的偏好一目了然。

The "More understand you" information stream does not need users to search for songs they like from a bunch of song lists. Douban music map and Google Map For you to make your preferences clear.


Users are often using their phones in different places, and scenarization life characteristics can be perceived by internet devices. Designers need to perceive the current scene of users, and design accurately by understanding the requirements of the current scene, in order to improve the sense of surprise and happiness.


Snapchat can recognize the locations of where people are photographing in a party, and then they can book a taxi to this place online in the app.


McDonald's has a personalized recommendation technology, which can allow the restaurant to adjust the menu according to the weather, time and order records of consumers.


Users can experience the real viewing angle of the seat when they choose a seat in the cinema. The app will provide the ticket QR code when a user has nearly arrived at the cinema.


As AI voice technologies rapidly popularize, which helps people change habits and concepts, the users are increasingly using voice interaction. According to the report from ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches in 2020; and 72% of users who have a voice assistant said that this has become part of their lives. Lots of tech-companies show their own smart speaker, and AI devices have changed the interaction with interfaces from GUI to VUI, and it doesn't rely on the touch screen input, and provides the no navigation, no buttons, and no menus interfaces. Currently, domestic AI speakers are still a relatively primitive AI, and are often called by users as an artificial foolish voice system.

随着人工智能和机器学习的不断发展,Google的智能语音助手快速进化,从去年I/O发布的Continued Conversation(连续对话),用户不用每下一个指令都要说一声‘hi google’,到今年已经不需要说唤醒词,拿起手机就可以让它帮助你。

去年发布的Google Duplex,可以打电话给饭店或理发店等商家,帮你预约,到今年可以帮你租车、回复消息、找照片分享给好友、写邮件等一系列跨app的任务。

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google's intelligent voice assistant has evolved rapidly. From the Continued Conversation published at last year's I/O, users do not have to say 'Hi Google' for every instruction, and this year, the users do not need to say wakeup words, but just pick up the phone and let it help them.

Released last year, Google Duplex can call a restaurant or a barbershop to make a booking for you. This year, it can help you rent a car, reply to messages, find photos to share with friends, write emails, and do other cross-app tasks.


The technological advancement will inevitably lead to efficiency improvement, as AI can more and more completely understand the highly personalized requirements put forward by users, and the voice interaction can be as natural as a human’s, and it can fast process the multi-tasks that are cross-app as well. VUI can reduce user-operating costs and shorten the operation process chains, and it becomes the daily "assistant" of the users.


For the user, the use of voice is not only its convenience, but entertainment is also one of the important factors. Short videos are complemented in voice interaction and speech recognition. Snapchat introduces a sound filter that not only responds to sound volume, but also recognizes voice commands and then triggers corresponding animations.

GoogleLive Caption的语音识别技术,可将视频语音内容转化成文本字幕显示在聊天界面,还可识别关键词,形成文本链接,用户可直接点击跳转。

Live Caption voice recognition technology from Google converts video voice content into text subtitles and displays them in the conversation interface. It also recognizes keywords and forms text links, and then users can click and jump directly.


With the constant rise of the voice-controlled game and voice social media, voice makes the interaction more diverse. Tencent NEXT new work "Mystery Chasing" expresses the story with sound, listens to the sound and makes the reasoning and solve the case, and uses the sound to create an immersive experience.

登录app身份认证从以前五花八门的用户名+密码的模式优化到获取手机动态验证码,这种身份校验的方式在使用体验上谈不上好用。验证码的收取、输入都需要用户花费一定的时间和精力。全面屏手机的出现使Face ID取代了Touch ID,当全屏设备越来越普及时,越来越多的app将加入面部识别认证,实现更实时更精准的一键登录。

Login app authentication is optimized from the previous "user name + password" mode to get the mobile phone dynamic verification code. Identity verification is not easy to use in the experience. The receiving and inputting of the verification code requires the user to spend a certain amount of time and effort. The appearance of full-screen phones has replaced Touch ID with Face ID. As the full-screen devices become more popular, more and more apps will be added with face recognition authentication, to achieve real-time and a more accurate one-click login.





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